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A husband and wife, or a step-parent, and even a single adult may adopt. Persons who may be adopted include: a minor child; a person determined to be totally and permanently disabled; and certain adults.

Adoptions may be accomplished either through private placement or through a licensed adoption agency. Regardless of the type of adoption, a home study is required to insure the suitability of the prospective adoptive home.

Persons wishing to adopt must appear in Probate Court for a final hearing. A new birth certificate is issued upon adoption, and the original birth certificate is sealed. Adoption records remain closed, including the identity of the biological parents. With proper releases, however, certain information may be disclosed to the adopted person.

Correction Of Birth Record

If a birth record has not been recorded, or has been lost or destroyed, or has not been properly and accurately recorded, the Probate Court, upon application, may cause the record of birth to be recorded or corrected. The application needs to be supported by affidavit and other proof, as may be required.

Name Change

Upon application and for good cause shown, a person may change their name. The Court hears name changes for both adults and minors. Where minors are involved, the consent of both parents to the name change should be filed at the time of application.

The person seeking the name change must be a resident of Lorain County for at least one year prior to filing the application. All name changes are set for hearing and publication is required in all cases.

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