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Effective Immediately

Marriage applications by appointment only

To schedule an appointment please call 440-329-5295

Walks in will not be permitted

The Probate Court is the sole agency authorized to issue marriage licenses.


The fee for obtaining a marriage license is $57.00, payable in cash. Seventeen dollars of each marriage license fee is deposited in a special fund to provide assistance to shelters for victims of domestic violence.

Who May Apply?

The prospective married couple is required to appear together when applying for the license.

One or both of the applicants must be a resident of Lorain County in order to obtain a license from the Lorain County Probate Court. However, applicants from out of state may apply in Lorain County if the marriage ceremony is performed in Lorain County.

Juvenile Marriage Rules

Consent from Juvenile Court must be received for any of the following:

  1. Both persons to be married are the age of 17
  2. Only one person is the age of 17, the other person can not be more than 4 years older.
    • Age 17 and Age 18
    • Age 17 and Age 19
    • Age 17 and Age 20
    • Age 17 and Age 21 (depending on birthday)

Marriage License cannot be issued earlier than 14 calendar days from when entry was filed with Juvenile Court.

If either applicant is the age of seventeen years, the judge shall require the applicants to state that they received marriage counseling satisfactory to the court and file the verification form.

The Verification of Marriage Counseling form is to be completed and signed prior to license being issued.

Time Limitations

Once a license is issued, it is effective for a period of 60 days. After 60 days, the license is considered expired and the couple must reapply for a new license and pay a $57.00 filing fee.

Prior Divorces

If either applicant has been married before, they must bring all prior divorce information (county and state of divorce, case number, date of finalization) and a copy of the final decree of the most recent divorce.


All applicants must have a valid government issued picture ID (valid driver's license, military ID, state ID, passport, immigration and naturalization service visa) at the time of application. Social Security numbers for each person are required.


Blood testing is no longer required.

Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses

Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses are available for $1 per copy and can be requested by completing the Certified Marriage License Request Form (DOC | PDF).

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